We invest in the long term by contributing captial, business excellence, deep commercialisation partnerships and unparalleled health science expertise. From bright thinking to better health outcomes, and ultimately returns for our investors.


Canary creates a voice for medical implants by allowing them to generate and share data.

With our CANARY Canturio™ and Summatix™ products, Canary opens the door to entirely new opportunities to improve patient outcomes and lower the cost of care by enabling devices to self-report data on patients’ conditions, and in addition, Canturio™ and Summatix™ manage, analyse and access the data in a manner that support the reimbursement requirements for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).

Cardiac Dimensions

Caridiac Dimensions is on a mission to bring more success to the treatment of heart failure patients.


Developing Photobiomodulation Treatments for Ocular Diseases and Disorders


Versatile technology with proven clinical benefits.

Discovered in Avecho’s own laboratories, TPM® (tocopheryl phosphate mixture) is the world’s first drug delivery platform combining a proprietary combination of two different forms of tocopheryl phosphate, an enhanced form of Vitamin E.

EBR System

The WiSE CRT System was developed to address the persistent limitations of current CRT systems and to provide a more customized, patient-specific solution.

The WiSE CRT System uses a proprietary wireless technology to deliver pacing stimulation directly to the inside of the left ventricle of the heart. This approach is designed to overcome limitations of existing CRT systems that deliver pacing stimulation to the outside of the left ventricle. Pacing from the inside of the left ventricle is believed to be more physiologic. The WiSE CRT System is designed for more flexibility in pacing site selection to customize therapy for the individual.

Volpara Health

Clinically validated, AI-powered software for personalized screening and early detection of breast cancer.




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