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Investing in Healthcare

Investing in the resilient Health Care sector

Horizon 3 is building a portfolio we expect to deliver an IRR of 20% per annum over a 5 year timeframe. *

Investing in healthcare products that have global growth potential – medical devices, drugs, digital health and diagnostics.

* returns are not guaranteed

Backing companies with runs on the board

Growth stage healthcare companies with runs on the board – typically already have achieved clinical validation and are revenue generating.

World Class CIO

Led by one of Australia’s Leading Healthcare investors, CIO Matt McNamara, Molecular biologist

Previous funds delivered top quartile returns and backed 3 unicorns.

Horizon 3 is Matt’s 5th fund over the past 20+ years.

Investment Portfolio

We invest in the long term by contributing capital, business excellence, deep commercialisation partnerships and unparalleled health science expertise.

From bright thinking to better health outcomes, and ultimately returns for our investors.




Developing Photobiomodulation Treatments for Ocular Diseases and Disorders
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Cardiac Dimensions

Caridiac Dimensions is on a mission to bring more success to the treatment of heart failure patients.
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Volpara Health

Clinically validated, AI-powered software for personalized screening and early detection of breast cancer.
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Canary Health

Canary creates a voice for medical implants by allowing them to generate and share data.
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EBR Systems

The WiSE CRT System was developed to address the persistent limitations of current CRT systems and to provide a more customized, patient-specific solution.
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Discovered in Avecho’s own laboratories, TPM® (tocopheryl phosphate mixture) is the world’s first drug delivery platform combining a proprietary combination of two different forms of tocopheryl phosphate, an enhanced form of Vitamin E, with proven clinical benefits.
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We are a powerful team made up of seasoned entrepreneurs, life science specialists and experienced investors who are experts at finding great ideas in which to invest. Our efforts are focused on selecting talented life sciences teams and companies with huge potential.

Matt McNamara
Chief Investment Officer & Board Director

Bev Thomas
Senior Investment Professional & Investment Committee Member

Paul Field
Life Sciences Business Development Exec & Investment Committee Member

Dr Qibing Mei
Pharmacologist & Investment Committee Member

Scott Power
Investment Analyst & Investment Committee Member

Assoc Prof Tam Nguyen
Non-Executive Director and Deputy Director of Research

Mike Sullivan
Banking and Capital Markets Executive & Board Executive Chairman

Jian Sun
Entrepreneur and founder of HK Biotechnology & Board Director

Robin Chambers AO
Corporate Lawyer and Advisor & Board Director

Glenn Cross
Senior Corporate Advisor & Board Director

Claire Newstead-Sinclair
Company Secretary